about us

DISHA DARSHAN was started by a young entrepreneur,  and holistic practitioner and Lawyer Rini Joser well adversed with the south asian laws,  who saw the miseries and emotional sufferings of south asian women in the bay area.
This led her to help them learn to cope with life and the sufferings meted out to them. She fundamentally believes that through faith and service one can overcome the destiny or misfortune that befall us.
DISHA DARSHAN also believes that one woman with courage is a majority and hence Rini has taken it on her shoulders to help wipe the tears of these women and help them get inner strength and courage to face the battles of life.
OUR WOMEN are trained in their vocation or affiliation, are provided a safe haven for their children and themselves, All basic necessities of life and any obstacles therein are overcome to make sure they live a rich life and learn to create their own DESTINY.
We at DISHA DARSHAN help these women foster and get the best of the best avenues available to them and partner with various non profits, government organizations as well as federal resources to help them on their path to self-discovery and l a vibrant life.
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